Aivea Commerce Server, the Enterprise eCommerce Platform

Aivea Commerce Server (ACS) has been developed to be a faster, easier and more cost efficient online commerce solution built on ASP.NET 3.5, C#, WF, WCF and SQL Server 2008/2005. ACS is a unified, market-ready solution that boosts online commerce effectiveness by making online product and customer management more intuitive and user-friendly. ACS also delivers operational excellence and enables faster, more insightful online marketing strategies.

We have developed ACS as a PCI Level 1 solution to allow for the creation of multiple merchant storefronts for your customers, partners or channel portals for your products and easy to use administration, operations, reporting and customer service dashboards to review the progress of you site.

Aivea Commerce Server has been designed with over hundreds of features out of the box capabilities that don't require any other types of custom solutions to combine your content and eCommerce business needs.

Top 10 Benefits of Aivea Commerce Server

1: Integrated E-Commerce: Industry
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