I've recently started working for a company who does bespoke software but also a lot of "Off the shelf" software. I have recently been tasked to install one of their off the shelf products for a new client.

I have been faced with a few unexpected issues though.....although the datetime field is appearing to record in the British standard way (as it is on our test server) the date does not save, it puts in a NULL value and when it is returned (within the program) the date appears as 1st January 1970.

My main thought is that it must be a problem with the SQL SERVER 2005 the clients server is using as exactly the same code works fine on our test database (version 2005 again).

Has anybody came across this issue before? I have trawled google and forums all over the net with no result, I've tried changing the date settings on the system and it does nothing so if anyone has any thoughts on it please feel free to get back to me or we may lose out on quite a substantial amount of money (for the contract with the client)

Thanks all

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