filter data on a form

I need to open a form with criteria. If I use the wizard I get the following code[code]stDocName = "frmCrisisLog"
stLinkCriteria = "lngCaseID = 1305384"
DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, acNormal, , stLinkCriteria[/code]

when I use this code the form opens and the status line indicates that the records are filtered however, the record (data) is not based on the criterion as above.


the record toolbar indicates a filter is applied but a blank record is displayed i.e. not data... empty fields/ controls

when I poke the filter button all records are shown and data is displayed for the 1st record

when I poke the filter button a second time the correct record is displayed i.e. based on the criterion/ filter

what am I missing?? any help would be appreciated.

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