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I'm using visual studio to create a .rdl need to set up a 'temp' table to handle putting two datasources into one table. The table seems to be set-up correctly as I get an accurate row count from. test is the column name, and I'm filtering the table so that when test = x return the value in the sColumnNm that is in the same row as x. Instead it returns #Error. the Values here are pretty big (can be in the trillions) so I thought it may have been datatype related, so I switched to Double, but the problem persists.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[code]Public Function GetFocusDetail(ByVal sColumnNm As String, ByVal test As String) As Double
If dtFocusTable Is Nothing Then
Return "N/A"
dtFocusTable.DefaultView.RowFilter = String.Format("custom_group={0}", test)
If dtFocusTable.DefaultView.Count = 0 Then
Return "N/A"
Else If dtFocusTable.DefaultView.Item(0).Item(sColumnNm) is System.DBNull.Value
Return ""
Return dtFocusTable.DefaultView.Item(0).Item(sColumnNm)
End If
End If
End Function

I can post the code that sets up the tables as well if anyone thinks that may be an area of concern.
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