I need your help in my Database program.

Hello Programmers,

I am doing my faculty evaluation system and I have many problems to be solve. My questions are:

1. How to choose a specific row in MS Access?
[For example: In Form1 I have Names(Arnold1, Arnold2 and Arnold3) in option button if I choose one option button(e.g. Arnold2) then I hit the command button, Form2 will show up all the information of Arnold2 will be shown in the Form2 and the information of Arnold two is in Access Table1 Row2. How?]

2. How to get multiple datas in 1 ADO?
[For example: In my database, I have four Arnold A. and that database is connected to ADODC1. In my form, I have textbox and a command button. if I will type Arnold on the textbox and hit the button, all the results will show up to the FRAME1. How?]

3. How to do loop and with?

Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to answer my questions. :)
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