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I am very new to
Suppose i have a page ,on one side i have certain names from the database(tree view).when i click a particular customer name,i have to display the details regarding about this particular customer on the other side of the page in the same form,for that what i have to do.i want codings for thaty


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    Hi thushara,

    I'm not trying to flame you, but let me give you some friendly advice. If you want to receive programming help, in any forum, you should probably take the time to verify that your post is clearly stating your problem, clearly stating what you need help with, and uses proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

    So let me restate your question in case I didn't understand it correctly: "Suppose I have a page. On one side I have a list of names from the database in a tree view. When I click a name, i would like to have details regarding this person display on the other side of the page in the same format. That is what I have to do. I would like someone to write code that does that for me." (I understand if you don't speak or write English well, but you could make a much better attempt than this to clearly express your question, if you expect someone else to put some time into answering you, you should put some time into asking...)

    If I understand your query correctly, it sounds like you're asking for some ASP.Net help. Is this indeed a ASP.Net (with VB backend) question, if so, using the WebControls.TreeView is very very different than using a Windows.Forms.TreeView so you will need to clearly state what you are using.

    Also, you're probably not going to have luck finding someone to write code for you. Simply put, most people who can write the code are already being payed to do it and don't have time or desire to write full sets of working code from scratch without being payed... It takes time thy would otherwise be payed for

    That said, generally, I'll help you solve problems, and write code that corrects or replaces code you supply (code that you've already written but are having problems with) but I will not take the time to write brand new code for someone because... Well... it takes a long time and provides no benefit to that person besides them not having to do it themselves...

    I don't mind digging up samples that directly relate to your scenario though because Google searches take seconds...
    Using XML data with a WebControls.TreeView:

    Using a WebControls.TreeView:

    Windows.Forms.TreeView (note this is different control from the last two links, meant for Windows Forms applications not web apps)

    Please be more specific and I will help you from there,
    Good luck,
    Sean Campbell
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