Indy, Call for Telnet OnDataAvailable


i`m making application, which communicates via Telnet, and acts based on how Telnet server responds.

My big problem is that i don`t know how to tell my program when the OnDataAvailable event must be executed. In the telnet client demo program OnDataAvailable follows after each Telnet->SendCh() command, but there is used keyboard input, but i want that it all happens automatically.

example: (sending login & pass)


// now i want OnDataAvailable event to be called, becouse i need to check if the login & pass ir correct, before doing other commands.
Maybe there is a component and/or method to use for doing it?

I figured out that OnDataAvailable event calls when there is Open Dialog executed, but i don`t think it`s the proper way how to solve the problem.

sorry for my bad english, thanx :D
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