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[size=3]hello everyone,
i am new here and i am also a new programmer and i am learning c#..i am using visual studio 2008 and started to build some very simple windows form apllication and now i am facing a problem.
how can i open a new form to replace the old form in a way such that when i close the second form ..all of the application gets terminated..something like the installation wizard of a program or a game..when you hit the next button the window form changes completely and whenver i press the (x)button on top right the installation wizard terminates completelly..i hope someone helps me as i really need to learn that so i can keep going

i hope i can find the help i need here..thanks all in advance[/size]


  • Hello to you too.

    Wherever you want to close the application you can add code like: application.exit();

    Now if you want to do this by closing a specific form you have to add in form's close event [application.exit();].

    About the old and new form : All forms are objects.When you create a project visual studio creates a form for you. Now if you want to make another and use it as "main" on your application you have to change the code in program.cs .

    In the Program.cs class there would be Main function something like below

    static void Main()
    Application.Run(new Form1());

    Change the Application.Run(new Form1());


    Application.Run(new Form2());

    This should work.
    If you need any example in code just let me know.
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