Starting a Game Development Team looking for members

Hi guys,
Thank you for taking an interest in this thread :). Well where to start heh.

[b]Team name:[/b]
I'm looking for members to formulate a game development team so there is no name yet. Presently budget is low, but if needed, I can pay you something. The team will specialize in the formulation of 2D based games for the time being with the genre ranging from 2D Adventure Platformer, 2D Fighter, 2D Action, and maybe even some unique 2D RPG. Eventually, we can branch off into 3D, however if cost is effective to proceed into 3D now (quite frankly I'm hesitant into moving to 3D now considering we'd have to secure a MoCap studio which is super pricey under the current budget) then we can...unless you're that good of an animator lol.

[b]Project name:[/b]
Nick named KJCBBF, The first project to start is a 2D fighting game. Presently, I have a couple paid service contributors helping me with this project. They are helping me with Concept Art, and some sprites. However, if you can do either or, you are most welcomed to forward me your portfolio and contact information. I will explain a little bit more regarding the fighting game later.

As far as payment goes, I'll be honest and let you know that most expenses are coming from my pocket alone; from the concept art, to every piece of sprite animation. Let's face it, I don't have a big business. But I have such a recurring passion for game development that I cant let something like money get too much in my way. Sure there's a limit, but if I alone can almost replicate a SEGA Genesis classic: then I think a well formulated team can do very well. But I do need your help. Eventually when money does start to come in, royalty sales from all product will be distributed based on a written agreement between all of us (which we will need to formulate BEFORE we officially get started). As said above, presently budget is low, but if needed, I can pay you something.

[b]Team structure:[/b] or Knowledge
Despite the link above, my programming knowledge is limited, even though I make up for that with an exquisite eye for detail. So why not program myself? Why don't I sit down and learn a common language used for game development and code it myself? Because I can't manage it. My roll in the development process is the game design, sound and audio components, code logic assistance, and some marketing. I've tried to wear all the hats before; done it, and before long the project (above) got pushed back so far that it never finished. Lets not forget that I had to formulate everything including sound, sprites, backgrounds, ect. It was just waay too much work and I dont want to go back to that way of working again. This is why I made up in my mind that if I'm going to make a game, I'm going to need a team.

[b]Brief description:[/b]
So now with that out the way, let me explain a little bit about this first project. The project was attempted about 2 years ago as a 3D game but was soon discarded considering the amount of resources I did not have available to me. Now I'm picking it back up again, aimed towards it's original goal as a 2D based fighting game similar to the style of any popular 2D Side scroll based fighter (Marvel Vs. Capcom 2). The goal of the project is to compliment a presently work in progress comic book series. Roster is populated overtime by these characters giving users the incentive to come back again and again to get that new character, or to get that new story, or new level or weapon. Needless to say this game is a reacquiring development project which quite seemingly has no final product per say. The main thing that needs to be right with it though is it's general mechanics. In short, think of the project as a closed source MUGEN but with original characters, more content and no sprite rip offs to get us in trouble.

[b]Target aim:[/b]
As far as what I'd consider the goals of our games to be, high quality action packed games with a HD look but a classic feel. Games that have element and give the old schoolers a bit of nostalgia. As far as marketing goals and long term goals, It would be great to be picked up by a major developer, but if we cant then to at least get to one of the big arcade market places (XBOX Live Arcade, Nintendo Wii Ware, iPhone ect) to sell our quality games.

Initially, the product will be Freeware on the PC where cost comes into play with add on features like additional characters, weapons, stages, and possibly down the line, character attire. Dont get me wrong, there will be upon release of the freeware, a nice assortment of characters. I would also like it distributed eventually on the XBOX Live marketplace as a shareware product where the cost comes from having initially installed, a reasonable assortment of characters, weapons, ect.

In regards to development technology, some say to have this developed in XNA, others in TGB (Torque). Others say from the ground up using C++ or C# or whatever! I guess it depends on whom ever is the programmer really. But just to put it out there, I would like the utilization of a particle system, possibly a physics engine, and (probably no where in the nearest future but still must be open for implementation later) online play. As long as whatever engine or custom engine delivers fast quality game play familiar to popular fighting games, then I'll be happy.

[b]Talent needed:[/b]
*Still looking for a 2D Sprite OR Flash Vector Animator who can utilize modular based design
*GUI Designer
*Background Artist

No Website yet


[b]Previous Work by Team:[/b]
Trying to formulate one...

[b]Additional Info:[/b]
Here is a concept design for one of the characters in this project:
and here's another

I suppose that's enough in regards to the game for now. I have a development document available to those who want to join as well as a starting flow diagram for the GUI aspect of the game which I can also forward to you.

Well guys I hope this is enough information to stimulate your interest. If not then no harm by it lol.
I hope to hear some helpful input, see a lot of interest, and some healthy feedback

Most importantly,
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