MAT LAB function help!

Implement matlab function y = radicals(v) that calculates....

sqrt of v(1) + sqrt v(2) + sqrt v(3) +sqrt of.....+ sqrt v(n)

The parameter v is a vector. In the expression, n is the length of v as well as the number of radicals. The values v(1), v(2),...,v(n) are components of v.


  • Once this is complete, I need to write a script to test function. Prompt user to enter positive integer k. Generate a random vector r of length k using rand function. Then calculate the following sequence of values by calling the function radicals repeatedly.

    Save the calculated values to a vector seq. Display and plot seq. Ex:

    Enter k = 10

    r = 10 random numbers....

    seq = 10 numbers
  • anyone please help!!!
  • anyone please help!!!
  • Try: sum(sqrt(v))

    -Will Dwinnell
    [link=]Data Mining in MATLAB[/link]

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