Beginner Java, C++ knowledge only

I am a crossed enrolled senior, last semester. At my main school, C++ is the required programming language, but at the crossed enrolled school it is Java. I am now stuck, can someone please help. I have a program due Tuesday, the assignment calls for a Java program, yet the professor stated I can submit it in C++, however, i do not know what the program is asking for really, because it is written for a Java course. Can someone please tell me that can help me, with this program, in either C++ or Java? See below....

Goal #1: The UI agent and FTP command generation The role of the UI agent is to provide a user interface that allows a human user to enter high-level requests and generate the appropriate FTP protocol commands to accomplish the user


  • Hello......

    DO you have any knowledge of Core FTP client........??/????
    How it works or any knowledge of password encryption/decryption.....i am working on it but.....nothing....i need your help if you can ???
  • Actually I do not, I just had another friend of mine, going over a few steps with me, to try to clarify somethings, but nothing. I am at a cross now, because the output will not be able to be tested, due to it being from my school's server. But, I do know the example on page 4 does list the correct command for the ftp site for the school. Being the, I believe. From what I now know of, it does not have to be written in a Java language, maybe even notepad or something. In class, we used Filezilla.

    Thank you:)
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