Ripped Up Note Puzzle For Game

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I desperately need help. I am working on a point and click adventure game called Incident At ROANOKE. I need a script for a ripped up note puzzle. This puzzle is all that's standing in the way of me releasing this game.

When the note is put together it spells out Black Sun. I have 8 letters four across two down. What I need to do is drag the letters up from the bottom of the screen to a square. The script I have now just stacks the letters on top of each other. I need them to be placed in the square in the proper order. BTW, this script is Delphi 7, it's simplified for idiots like me and I still can't catch on to it. This is what I have so far

Function Script

This is the script that goes into each letter
setnum (NoteNumber ; 1)

on (release)

But there's still something missing. All this does is stack the letters on top of each other. When the note is put together the next room loads which shows the note put together. I hope this makes sense, I'm about as good at explaining as I am at coding. Thank you in advance for any help
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