how to set names for symbolic variables using Symbolic Math toolbox


I've the following problem: I would like to build a symbolix matrix whose size varies according to my needs; but it has to be VERY big, about 4900x4900.
I have no idea whether Matlab can handle it, I'm not an experienced user.
However, what I need is declearing symbolic variables such as k11, k12,..., that is, I need to set their names according to their entry number in the matrix.
But how do I implement it? I need to write some piece of code to do it. But I've just found examples such as: x = sym('x'); Is there any way of writing a loop such as:
for i = 1:4900
for j = 1:4900
k(ij) = sym('k(i,j)')
I've tried but it doesn't work!

Thank you very much for your help!!


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