Help me o evaluate parameters


Can somebody help me to evaluate the parameters of a function?



  • could u pls explain ??
  • Hi,

    Sorry, I have attached a doc and seems to attached it. Let me explain it in the text.

    mu_n (delta (i,n))=R0*lamda_n* sumof products (j=1 to n) Wj (i)

    b=4 (constant)
    n varies from 0 to 8
    lamda_n = b^-n
    i varies from 1,2...b^n
    j varies from 1 to 8

    Estimation of W,
    W = b^beta-sigma^2*(log(b)/2)+sigma*X
    or if there is nor value W = 0

    X=random normal variable

    Beta and sigma squared are the parameters I need to evaluate.

    I hope this helps.

    Looking forward a reply.


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