Firefox keeps caching java applet jar file no matter what


In Firefox, I hit Tools -> Clear History and selected cache. I also selected "Everything" to mean all cache for all time.

It still miraculously/annoyingly finds a way to retrieve the applet from a nonexistant jar file. The jar was removed off the host website as shown when I access the site using FTP but still shows in the web browser.

How can I force Firefox to realize that the jar file is gone?


  • Might be that your browser is not using applet from the server, but programm from the temp .... try to delete all temp files, in order to solve this problem
  • Several things were tried but still have the same problem. Below, I listed the things I tried but didn't work.

    The HTML markup of the applet was changed which partly worked. When viewing the applet in an offline page, it showed the new version.


    That didn't work in the version on my website, though.

    Firefox temperary internet files were deleted but it the old version of the applet is still shown.

    I went into the AppDataLocalLowSunJavaDeploymentCache folder that the JVM seems to use to cache its jar data and deleted most of the numbered folders there.

    A similar question was asked [link=]here[/link] but the solutions given to that don't work for me.

    The web page containing the applet is [link=]here[/link]. The old version starts with a semetric view with the stop light and stop sign in dead centre. The new version looks off to the side by 30 ot 40 degrees. If I'm right, you should see the new version and things off to the side.
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