Keeping and deleting rows with condition

Hi, in a csv files, I 'd like to:
After opening the file, entering a text, and:
- If a row contains "ABC" or "DEF" or "GHI" AND the previously entered text, the row is kept. If the entered text is not found in a row containing "ABC or "DEF" or "GHI", the row is deleted.

- If a row does not contain "ABC" or "DEF" or GHI", the row should be kept.

e.g.: row1, 2, 3 and 5 should be kept. 4 should be deleted.

row1:"xxx","yyy","ABC","aaa","input text","bbb"
row2:"xxx","yyy","DEF","aaa","input text","bbb"
row3:"xxx","yyy","GHI","aaa","input text","bbb"
row5:"xxx","yyy","aaa","input text","bbb"
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