A post from 1985 or so...

Hi all, I am new to this forum, but given the level of knowledge that I see I am hoping somebody can point me to the right direction...

I have a lot of code written for the ASM286 compiler, which I am trying to run somewhere. Because it is a complex task, I am currently attempting to start by running the sample code that came with the ASM286 instruction manual, the program MMGAME.asm. I have compiled it successfully, and because it has a line:
referencing input/output functions which are likely in the libraries udi.gat nuc.gat upifl.lib nucifl.lib which I do not have, I have replaced the calls with stubs, no problem (for now...!).

I am thus able to compile it OK, and I can even use BND286 and BLD286 to link them. To do this, I follow the steps indicated in the manual for BND286 and BLD286. The problem is, the end-product which the manual says is a DOS executable looks like nothing known. I was expecting an "MZ-type" executable (like the file ASM286.exe itself) instead I get something which looks suspiciously similar to an obj file. If I try to execute it (under DOS in WXP of course) I simply get the prompt back. Even if I change the code to an infinite loop...! So it is probably NOT running it. But I have no warnings and no errors throughout the compile/link/run cycle, I do not know what to do next.

So what am I doing wrong? Do I really need those libraries? Where do I find them? Google does not help... plus I cannot believe that simply adding extra libraries to the link process will change the output format.
Has anyone any memory of how this ancient compiler/linker worked? Thank you VERY MUCH in advance for you help!
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