Need some advices on RSS reader

Hi Guys :),

I need to make desktop based RSS reader (in desktop RAD tools). I know how to fetch RSS feeds and load headlines and contents into my application. Obviously we can ping remote site once in a while to check for new entries in its RSS, but I prefer not doing this and have my server side application be notified about new entries and send notification to my client application for making it ready parse new entries.

I think server side application could be written in PHP and can have some sort of TCP/IP connection (Socket) to desktop application. first of all I need your advices and tips on this theory and if possible, please guide me to the right direction.

What should I do?
What's the best way?

Thanks in Advance.


  • you want to read directly the rss from mother site using js?
    i think this is not possible, or u will have to find some cross-domain

    another approach would be to serve the xml file using a simple curl on
    your server, then to process it with mootools.
    adding a cache will save your server to be banned from that resource
    and save ur bandwidth :)


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