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[link=http://www.seekic.com/icdata/05E05.html]05E05[/link] is a type of low-profile single/dual DC-DC coverters which has many unique features: the first one is surface mount technology. The second one is up to 3 watts output power. The third one is high power density. The forth one is high efficiency. The fifth one is low profile package. The sixth one is short circuit protection. The seventh one is high MTBF. The eighth one is 100% burned-in shielding.The ninth one is metal case shielding. The tenth one is vaccum encapsulated potting,etc. It also has five applications. The first one is telecommunications equipment. The second one is data communications. The third one is CAD/CAM and CAE systems. The forth one is process control euipment. The fifth one is medical/instrumentation.

There are some specifications about it.Input voltage is +/- 5 V . Output votlage is +/- 5 V . Load current is 600 mA.Input voltage range is
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