Regular expression, text replacement using simple edit

I'm trying to make a shell script that can change class names in source files.

The following will run without an error message but it doesn't do exactly what I want.

[code]sed 's/from/to/g' somefile_containing_from.txt[/code]

That command will replace all occurrences of the word "from" to "to" while printing out the contents of the file. What I need is something where it only matches when there is a non-letter before and after the "from".

Due to the problem in the above command, the following undesired replacements happen:

File contents for before running through sed command:
public class student
private student[] topstudent;

using command:
[code]sed 's/student/Student/g'[/code]

Prints the following:
public class Student
private Student[] topStudent;

Notice that the variable name changed because it found "student" in the output even though topstudent was not the class name.
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