time help

hi, i am trying to build a software for a online game that i am playing.
the goal of this software is to help me knowing when lauching attack on a single location from diferent location.(taking diferent time to arrive)

i created a window form(i mean the wizard)
and i had to start 3 textbox and a button.
i found this code to make recognise the time format:

[code]Private Function SecondsToTime(byval dSeconds as Double) _
as String
SecondsToTime = Format(DateAdd("s", dSeconds, "00:00:00"), "HH:mm:ss")
End Function[/code]

i added it to textbox1 and textbox2.
i want when i click the button to tell me in textbox3 when i should launch the attack for the location attacker(just 1 for now)
but could be as many
as 20 or more.
i tried all i know to display the result of textbox1 - textbox2 on textbox3 ,but nothing is working and i get some error!
can anyone help me?
thanks a lot in advance
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