Post Data from One form to other form using Cross-Page techiniuqe in A

I would like to share a tip relating to cross page technique to 2.
To post data from one webpage to another webpage we need to take the help of @ PreviousPageType directive which can be used with one of the following attributes TypeName and VirtualPath The following line of code shows how to use the directive with VirtualPath attribute <%@ PreviousPageType VirtualPath="~/Sample1.aspx" %> , from which we can get the refernce of the previous page controls using FindControl() method.
To explain this process we need to take two sample web pages such as Sample1.aspx and Sample2.aspx. Then in Sample1.aspx page create some text boxes for user input and a Submit button to post data to the Sample2.aspx page.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
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