Shell API Calls from ActFx

I'm writing some code for an Online Trading Application that's called ActFx ( and need help using api's like the Shell API.

In a nutshell, the ActFx application lets me write pascal code or use .pas files, I can compile these for strategies that automate my trading.

The interface appears to be a "watered" down version of pascal or delphi. What I want to do is call a shell api and execute a file, however sample code snippets I've gotten from the web don't seem to work, and I"m wondering if it has to do with the fact that this is a watered down version.

For example:
Proc : TProcess;
will return an error saying TProcess is an unknown type

I was wondering if there is a way to reference dlls, classes or whatever is necessary to get ActFx to use the shell api.

Or is there another way to call the shell api?

Here is some more information on ActFX and the available API. It's downloadable here:

Thanks in Advance!
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