Irregular performance

Code is stupid...but people get mad if you dont try before asking for help. I get 18 rands to scratch.dat most of the time. However, some of the time, the hourglass comes up and I get only 12 results. Your ideas?
I appreciate it.
$seen = 0;
$reps = 1;
while ($reps < 19)
$random_number = int(rand(336)) +1;
if (-e "scratch.dat")
open (SCR, "scratch.dat") || &CgiDie ("SCRATCH could not be opened while attempting read");
@scra =;
close (SCR);
foreach $mine (@scra)
($junk, $num_to_check) = split (/|/, $mine);
if ($num_to_check == $random_number)
$seen = 1;
}#end of foreach line
}#end of if scratch data exists
if ($seen == 0)
open (SCR, ">>scratch.dat") || &CgiDie ("SCRATCH could not be opened while attempting write");
seek(SCR, 0, SEEK_END);
print SCR "junk|$random_number
$seen = 0;
}# End of lets do 18 reps...
#unlink ("scratch.dat");


  • I got it. $seen = 0; belongs after while. Otherwise seen remains one after the first duplicate is encountered and it goes on and on....
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