windows, device driver, SEH, asm, MmProbeAndLockPages,_except_handler3

hello, i would like to write a driver wich use MmProbeAndLockPages function().

in order to do that i must put it in SEH structure.

i know how to do that, just add handler to fs:0.
it works for simple exceptions like int3 or page fault.

however not for this function.

ive managed to find _except_handler3() function, wich is used by __try/__except from ddk compiler.
is it what i should use?

i write in fasm if it does matter.

i pass UserMode as second argument to mmprobeandlockpages, so its not this. mdl is also correct.

please help me i stuck with this problem for a long time, and have no vlue what to do ;/
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