JAX-WS jython


I'm new to jython and stuck on what is probably a basic concept. This is the code snipet. The service.port is returning a class of type TimeServer.class.

from javax.xml.namespace import QName
from javax.xml.ws import Service
from java.net import URL
from ch01.ts import TimeServer
from java.lang import Object
from java.lang import Class

qname=QName("http://ts.ch01/", "TimeServerImplService")
service = Service.create(url1, qname)
eif = service.getPort(TimeServer.class)

The error:

c:jython2.5.1>jython webclient.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "webclient.py", line 12, in
eif = service.getPort(TimeServer.class)
AttributeError: instance attr: class

any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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