Python embeding help


I am trying to embed python in c++. everything is working fine apart from couple of issue.

what exactly i am doing is creating an API for C++ functions in my application to be accessible using python script.

When i run a script its runs fine and when i re-run the same script it throws memory dump

using openSuse 10.2 with built in python + python devel + Boost development libs

briefly what my script is doing in explained below in steps
- import a module which contains all the python interfacing functions
- create an object of a container which contains objects of another class
- get one of the object from the container (i believe this line is a issue) without this line script can run multiple time without throwing any error.

import mylib

container = mylib.containerClass()
obj1 = # this is a bit of issue.

please let me know if anyone can help. Thanks

also if you need more info.


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