HTML code - pls help...

Hi - i have Oracle programming experience but i am new to HTML. Can somebody pls. help me translate attached image (Rates) into HTML code. The HTML code will be plugged into XML file.

I have some idea on HTML (very basic) see link below which i have written (& works)

Thanks - Mave


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  • Hi,

    Below is my HTML code embeded in XML file.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

    Apartment Malindi

    >> Great for 6 PAX
    >> 2 Bedrooms
    >> 2 Bathrooms
    >> Dining Room for 6 PAX
    >> Air Conditioning
    >> Ceiling Fans
    >> Living Room
    >> Balcony
    >> Kitchen ]]>

    imageshack link shows output

    Can you pls. tell how to improve the code so that side text appears next to the image instead of lapping below ? - link for request to translate into HTML

    All imageshakc links work, i've checked

    Thanks - MAve
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