Problem with ListBox in VBA

Hello everybody,
I am completely new to VB or VBA. Currently I am working on a Inventory Tracking system that is written in VBA using MS Access as the back end database. In the application, I have a list box that displays the list of documents attached to a particular item. The problem I am experiencing is that the names of the documents are not displayed in the ListBox. So, after attaching the document to the item, the document is there, but it's name is not displayed, I just see a blank space for in place of the document's name. However, it is possible to select and view the document...which is done by clicking on the document's name (which appears to be blank) and then clicking "View" button.
I have tried different things to fix this, but nothing seems to work, so at this time I am running out of ideas on what might be wrong. Thanks a lot for the help.


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