Linux on PowerPC: How to use timer interrupt?


Nowadays I try to use PowerPC in Linux. I am porting some codes which were implemented for ARM core. In this code, it can set timer interrupt with micro time unit. In order to this, it uses OSCR, OSMR1, OIER registers, which exists in pxa270 Processor (ARM core)

Actually, I want to implement this function on PowerPC, but I think PowerPC doesn't provide registers for configuring timer interrupt.

The board which I use is GE Faunc VG5, and its mircoprocessor is PowerPC MPC7455. I read MPC7455 Manual, but I cannot find the register related to timer interrupt. There is only timer count clock register. (TBU and TBL)

So, what is the method of implementing timer interrupt in PowerPC?
If I want to make an interrupt after 200us, how can I implement it in Linux on PowerPC?

Please, if there are any one who knows well, let me know the method!

Have a good day!
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