Help in Finding PCI IRQ Number

Hi....Good Afternoon

i bought usb mass storage card from one company . the interface of my usb mass storage card with motheboard is PCI.

the Design is smthing like this......

pci-Pci Bridge --------------->pci/USB2 bridge ----------> usb2/NAND

controller----------------->NAND CHIPS.

the hardware manual of this card tells PCI Interrupt (INTB) is passed to PCI Slot.

Now i wrote the pci Device Driver to know the vendor id, device id ,int line, int pin etc... i got the vendor id ,device id but on INT LINE i am getting 0XFF; i am not able to undestand tht why i am not getting the exact IRQ for this card...

is this is correct way what i am doing if not please suggest me how to get the correct IRQ no....

thanks in advance
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