Help in Porting USB Host Stack to VXWORKS 653 OS+HPCNET8641D

Hi....Good afternoon

My name is Patrik Mark.S . i am using the Vxworks 653 OS with HPCNET Board with 8641D processor, Since there is no USB Host Stack in Vxworks 653 so i am tring to port UsbHost Stack onto vxworks 653. at the lowest layer(HCD Layer) of usb Host stack i need usbPciStub.c File related to my Board HPCNET. i got the template file (template_usbPciStub.c) in my BSP Folder and my interface to the Board with the Externel PMC is PCI BUS. So in this file i have to use some macros
which tells How to connect or disconnect interrupts to your Hardware.

on my board side the routing of interrupt from externel card to board is like this......

----------------- PCI --------------- PCI-e ---------------
externel card/PMC ----------> 8114 chip -------> 8641D Core/CPU

----------------- INTA/B/C/D --------------- tx/rx ----------------
interrupts will be lines will be
generated by PMC pass to core

so i am not able to get which interrupt controller in Core will Handle the Interrupt ....if possible i studied the reference manual for core also there is one pic interrupt controller and 1 pci Express interface controller also. but i didt get which controller will handle interrupts coming from my PMC......

2. also i want to ensure tht the interrupt coming from my externel card will be hardware interrupt or any software interrupt....if its software then which software interrupt

PLZ help me...
thanks in advance

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