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Hi my name is Teddy. I can code HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and PhP. I'm trying to create a social networking site and I'm looking for a team. The way this site will work is that the site will be worked on on everyones free time and once the site gets big actually start getting full time employees. I'm going to be straight out honest that there will be no pay until the site gets a money flow. The demand for a new social networking site is high so assuming that this gets professionally done it will get a lot of members. This is the very basic plan. For this site I have a few people working that just know CSS and HTML they will be working on the basic skeleton of the site the art team will be brainstorming on names and logos while creating the small buttons. The advanced programming team will be working on the very basic details that have to do with the buttons as they get done. That will all happen within the first month. After the first month it will give the advanced programming team sufficient amounts of work that will have been completed. This will allow them to start working with the server and database. By this point all buttons will be drawn. The art team will then start working with basic coding group to create small pages such as the contact us page or whatever. Those small pages will probably be done 2 weeks later. We will then be able to start programming applications this will require a team consisting of Flash and C programmers the art team will help them. I expect that the advanced programming team will be finishing up with all the database and server stuff by September allowing for a release date somewhere in October or December, from the time that the advanced programmers finish to the release date everything will be checked.

I know that's a very generalized summary of the plan I want to see how many people I get before I write the full out plan. Also the format for the site is going to be interesting and if it works out the way it's planned it will probably be better then most social network sites.


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