How to extract a particular element details which has more references

Hi All,

I'm having many schema files (.xsd). Each schema files may include one or two external schema files.


1) Assume that there are 50 elements in each schema file.

2) Assume many complex types defined in each schema file

3) Each elements has inner elements, attributes and refer complex types from the same file or a different file (i.e refer the complex elements defined in another schema file)

Need to extract the following:

a) Now let us assume a schema file name is "WaitingRequest.xsd" and it has element name called "waiting-details".

b) waiting-details element internally has elements which refers to complex types of the same schema file as well as from different schema files.

c) Now if the user gives the "waiting-details" i want to extract all the elements, referred elements, referred complex types etc., in a separate schema file.

Can anyone please help and let me how we can do this via Java?

Kathir (
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