Writing a new Windows service in assembler

I have written some "MSGINA" notification packages in assembler but never written a program designed to be a Windows service.

32BIT XP/W7 is the target OS

W7 & Vista will no longer use the GINA DLL notification packages but
XP/W7/Vista all will use the SCM notification method which is why I need to learn what unique requirements a Windows "service" requires.

1. If it is a service that runs without ending - till shutdown - how do I make the service "sleep" or not consume resources ? while waiting to be notified of the 2 events I want to react to ?

2. I will want to register it to receive "wts_session_logon" and wts_session_unlock" events and then simply write an event log entry.

No desktop - no message boxes - no UI whatsoever.

Simple - right ?

Does anyone have sample ASSEMBLER code that I copy/model after ?



  • I found this :


    Which is all I need to get started!!

    The above is a complete Windows service that just "beeps" :-)

    works on my XP box - will see if I can fit it to my W7 box

    thanks to "Cynical Pinnacle" who put this on the net around 2002
    "good on you mate"

  • Do you understand well this service stuff? I've been on it for a while now and i'd like you to tell me - if you know - how to make a service comunicate with and application.
    Thanks guys and bye
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