database table creation using a GUI

i have this application that i am developing and it has a connection to a database.I want to give the user the opportunity to be able to create a database(s) with tables from the standard GUI and at the same time,it is reflected at the database server that is being used.

For example,a dialog box appears before the user who has clicked on a 'database creation' button with the intention of creating a database with tables, using the GUI.The codes that i could write to enable such action is what i need urgently.


  • Without considering the GUI aspect of what you are asking, can you create a database table by hard-coding its SQL or a method call?

    For example, do you know how to execute the following SQL if you put this into your Java source code? "create table A values(name char(30))"
  • I do and as a matter of fact i wrote an SQL code that inserts data values into a database and checks for confirmation of such data when trying to log into it in my java codes using the GUI
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