How to update JAX-WS?

I have jdk 1.6.0 installed. Presumably it comes with JAX-WS 2.0. The project i am working on requires JAX 2.1. Now i downloaded it but the problem is that i don't know how to install it? It just gets extracted to a folder named jaxws-ri and i don't know a thing what to do of it? This is the message i am getting.

bprojectjaxws-build.xml:19: You are running on JDK6 which comes with JAX-WS 2.0 API, but this tool requires JAX-WS 2.1 API. Use the endorsed standards override mechanism (, or set xendorsed="true" on .

Will i have to download the whole 73.1 MB JDK again? I mean the latest one?? Is their an alternative? The Netbeans suggest so i think in the above statement. It says to do something xendorsed="true" on . But wasn't able to.

I tried to add a library and added JAVA WS-2.1 there. But in vain. Its urgent. I need help
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