C++ program crashed upon close

I have a very complex C++ program that was thrown into my lap. Currently when I close the program (via the X at the top) it brings up:

AutoFespa MFC Application
AutoFespa MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Upon clicking DEBUG I get:
Unhandled exception in fespa v4.exe: 0xC0000005: Access Violation

I've also noticed that multiple DLLs load with: no matching symbolic information found.

Please help


  • [color=Blue]Simply run this program in debugger - I am assuming that you have the MFC code for the program. If not, then it will be hard. Is this old program or new program? What version of Microsoft tools were used to produce it? How it was produced? Using MFC DLLs or using static linkage? Because latest MFC DLLs can conflict with oldest ones.[/color]
  • VB6 was used

    Older program developed in 2003 / 2004

    I have all of the code to it, we are using the machine it was built on.
  • [color=Blue]VB6 is even more prone for that kind of stuff. :-)
    So, before the same machine was not crashing and now it is crashing? Then recent upgrades caused this. Try to run it in NTSD debugger: open Command Prompt and type: "ntsd " (I am assuming that you have an EXE file and not just running this FROM INSIDE VB6?!!).
  • Unhandled exception in fespa v4.exe: 0xC0000005: Access Violation error means memory leak happend in MFC i.e memory are not deleted properly.To correct it you have to know the profiling concept in VC++ .Just enable it from setting and check where memory leak happen.
  • [color=Blue]Memory leak and Access Violation are not the same thing. Assecc Violation happens when code tries to read the memory address, which cannot be read or tries to write to an address which can't be written. Cause of it may be improper memory deletion, but it is not always the case.[/color]
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