logout withouth closing browser

PAGE A has a link that when clicked, it prompts the user for credentials. All is doing is comparing the credentials to an Active directory. After the person has log in, a new page opens and a cookie gets generated.

Inside the new page (PAGE B) there is a log out link. I have try about 7 different codes that i found on forums, web, etc, without any success.

What i need for the scrip to do is the following

user clicks on PAGE A link (credentials are asked)
user enters credentials (new window open and user gets access)
on PAGE B, user clicks on log out link (either cookie expires, get erase, etc)
then PAGE B closes, and user returns to page A.

While in page A, if the user clicks the link again to access PAGE B, the user will be prompt again for credentials.

If i close both browsers it works, for some weird reason, the name of the cookie, change every day.

Please help...

i have try expiring the cookie, modifying the cookie, but the cookie always stay there.


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