Need Help with a VB Source Code to do the following!

Can someone help.

Retrieve from access Name, range of dates and a number.

The name owns the number for a few days then its expired. A new name will own that number for different dates. Once the date is gone the user for the number for that date is gone.

Now, I need it displayed in a specific way in a report type form in VB. When I bring the data from access I need it displayed in a spreadsheet format.

The numbers 1 to 20 should be aligned horizontally on the top of the page and the dates vertical on the side of the page. The name then of the user of the number on the range of dates chosen should display in cells corresponding to both the number and dates the name of the person.

The dates without a user will just display empty spaces.

I can make a donation for a source code in VB that can do this, please. If you can help please email me at

Thank you.

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