Database for beginners?

Hello all! I am in my second year of college now and am looking into creating a program with a database. I have little knowledge though when it comes to working with databases and have decided to use MS Access for it. However i have no idea, and cannot find online anywhere, a simple instruction of how to connect to the database.

I know roughly it is to do with the ADO pieces but that is all.

All i wish to do is connect to the database, and be able to send information that has been inputted in edit boxes, to the database. And also to retrieve information from the database and display it to the user in edit boxes, or labels.

Does that make sense? Everything i have found always shows you how to display your data in a table which is not what i want to do!

Many thanks for any help, i honestly have spent way over a month now trying to figure this out, and my teacher simply told me that maybe i should work with text files instead, Rather than helping me!!!

Thanks again!


  • If you want to use asp or to connect to access yuo need to understand the basics of OLE data connection strings and SQL select commands.

    I suggest you look at something like 2.0 for dummies or similar.

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