ascx Controls Not Working

I've got my website, [url=""]Bang Bang T-shirts[/url], on a Windows Server 2003 dedicated machine. In the last few weeks, it's crashed a few times and I think it does this when it performs an auto update and tries to restart. When they support staff from the hosting company manually reboot it it seems to startup ok. I had this crashing problem yesterday and again overnight.

The server is currently up and running as is the website. However, I use some controls (radcontrols by Telerik) which don't seem to be working now (the menu which is displayed in front of everything is one of these controls). Also, my blog ([url=""][/url]) isn't displaying any posts and this is also an external control. It also uses an Access DB if that matters.

I've not made any changes to the code for months so must be something relating to the server setup.

Also, due to recent problems my web host moved the server to another DC but said the only change this would create is the physical location of the server.

Parts of the website which talk to my SQL Server 2005 Express DB seems to be working ok and it's just the controls which don't seem to be running.

Does anyone have any ideas on why this might be happening on what I can to find out more?
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