multimedia soc programming

I am not finding programmer and compiler for sm342 (which is a multimedia soc by silicon motion and uses a 32 bit risc processor) in order to interface it to LCD and other peripherals?? or could you suggest me any other soc which acts as a flash controller primarily and has spi or other interfaces as well??


  • Can you brief your sm342 ? I did not find more information about this SoC.If the core is based on ARMcortex-M3, coocox maybe can help you.The site is
    Good luck!
  • Sir,
    Here is the link to a small product brief of sm342....
    Could you please check it out???....They havent specifically told the name of the processor, they have just mentioned that it is a 32 bit risc processor..
    Does the selection of the programmer and comiler for an soc depends solely on the core only???...coz in that case there is another Multimedia SoC sm341 which uses 8051, so for that can any of the 8051 programmers like USB Universal In-Circuit Programmer, model:PRESTO can be used with keil micro vision as compiler... ???

  • I am so sorry, I have not studied carefully about coocox team, now they do not support the chip. Maybe the technical support of siliconmotion can give you some help.
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