Automated mouse-movements and reading

Hey guys, I'm kind of a C++ novice and I'm still exploring what C++ can and can not do.

I was wondering if it was possible to program a software that could actually READ things and make the mouse act to it and move and click on predetermined locations.

Like on a specified area appears the line E12L or something in more or less common letters and the program actually reads it, it's not supposed to check the ram and see what's there or anything. It's supposed to read it. And then makes the mouse go to a predetermined area (which you can input in the program via coordinates) and the mouse then goes to that area and clicks it.

I know there are programs that can read handwriting more or less successfully and I know there are programs that can record and replay mouse movements. I kind of want a mixture of those. And well, is it possible? Do I need to be a spaceship scientist?

Thanks for your answers.


  • Guess nobody really knows :/
  • [color=Blue]C++ can do anything. You need an algorithm to process images and detect the text - it is very hard, actually. NASA or military kind of stuff. Or CSI kind of software. Hi-Tech, so to speak... no idea about that.

    Rest is easier:
  • I do not need it to read captcha codes or something like that but simple images. Only things like simple numbers and letters, nothing super hard like finding an A in an image with a million B's or anything.

    There are programs that can recognize someone's handwriting, I got one with my WACOM Pen Tablet, I can't believe it's that hard to do.
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