makefile to convert jpeg files to png files


I'm desperately trying to write a makefile that converts and scales jpeg files to png files in subdirectories

I want to use netpbm, so I just need the commands:

For various reasons i want to use a makefile. This is the first time i use the make tool and it's a too complicated for me.
Here is my attempt, without resizing untill now:

[CODE]all :
find -name "*.jpeg" > alljpeg.txt
@anytopnm `cat alljpeg.txt | sort | uniq -u` > $@.png
@echo "$@" >> clean.log[/CODE]

but it doesn't work, I already had six attempts but always the same, I'm reading now for 4 hours an I still think I#m not any closer to a solution.

Any help will be appreciated!

Clueless greetings

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