Seeking a general purpose database language

I am looking for a language with good database functionality, possibly to link with mySQL, or another database for that matter.

Briefly, my circumstances are that I have been developing end-user business applications for over twenty years, using a database called Pick. Although the system is relatively old in IT terms, it has provided a rapid means of developing database applications, such that I have never really seen anything else that is so convenient and quick to work with.

But the problem with Pick, from my point of view, is that it has too many proprietary development tools, provided by the various vendors who all market a Pick-like database. They are all dreadfully overpriced and completely non-standard, since Pick no longer has a strong standards organisation. There are still a number of end-user sites running legacy Pick but they have a burden of having to pay very high licence fees for what is now a very old and established development environment that is not moving quickly with technology.

But conversely, the alternatives I have looked at all seem a bit weak in terms of database handling. For example they give examples of writing a database maintenance screen using 'forward' and 'backward' click buttons to navigate through the records. This is quite unacceptable for a database application, where many thousands of records are held. I would want to be able to write an application in which the user can enter a record key, and the screen returns back with the relevant fields of that record.

My requirements are as follows:

1. GUI (currently my Pick software development is character-based)
2. Compiles into object code - not interpreted.
3. Reads and writes database files and handles index keys, without having to re-invent this functionality myself.
4. Preferably has a GUI screen designer like VB.
5. Does not suffer from a vendor lock-in like Pick, with overpriced software modules.
6. Enables reasonably low-level access to hardware, such as reading and writing to RS232 serial ports, as some of my software provides communications with legacy applications.

Thanks for any help and advice.
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