Fasm Assembly HELP

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how to get the command line parameters passed to my Fasm app ?

All my app does is display a message box -

I want to pass a parameter 'Intell Processor' which displays this in the message box.

I know there are easier ways of doing this -
but it's an excercise on passing data to my app.



  • Thanks..

    That makes things easier..

    Do you also know of a way i can do the same using pure or Fasm assembly ?

    I'm guessing that the command line parameters including the program string are held in memory ready for the processor to run the process - Do you know if this is a set memory location like the video buffer but in 32bit assembly ? and will windows allow access to this memory block ?

    Thanks again for your help.
  • [color=Blue]In Windows all memory areas are accessed using API. There are some task parameters to be accessed using FS:0000 address, but these (the structure layouts) can be modified by next OS version, so you cannot rely on it. It is better to use the API. Follow anthrax's advice.[/color]
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