Creation of numeric Edit Box control in Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC


I've a problem in displaying the Num Lock indicator/LED on SIP(software input panel). I created a numeric Edit box which accepts only Numeric values from SIP. This works fine but the indicator doesnot glow to when i use "SipShowIM(SIPF_ON);" Only th Software based keyboard pulls up and no indicator is shown for user's notification. Is it possible to handle the Num Lock glow from SIP. It is possible if we focus the edit box through keys but not displaying when we focus the box with a stylus.

Please respond asap. I chaecked out on various sites but in vain.No relevant sol could be found. If somebody has worked on VC++ in Pocket PC, please try this out for me.
Code snippet is as follows:

void CAboutDlg::OnEnSetfocusOrderNo()
short keyState = GetKeyState(VK_NUMLOCK);// returns 0 always
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