Using TAPI in delphi to make several numbers with a dial-up modem

Hi, I'm working on a program with Delphi 7.

Basically, it's a program to make orders. This is a phone system where you have to dial all items manually. I want to use my dial-up modem to make it automatically.

In my program, You use check boxes to select items (which are related to an item number). Then I press "ORDER" and It appears like that on a TMemo.

4 // options
*2355322# // user ID
12345678 // password
1 // new order
123456 * 1# {items * quantity and # to confirm the end of a lines}
234567 * 3#
345678 * 10#
678901 * 5# {end}
# // end of order
1,,,9 // 1 to confirm, 9 to disconnect.

I use a string. I append each Memo.lines to it with ',,,' between (to give the time to the phone system)

I've been using TTapiDial Component as well as HbTapi. But they can't hang as many char as I need. I had to make short orders of like 5-6 items at the time, hang up and start over with some other items. That could take up to 7 times sometimes to pass through the whole order.

I gave up on that few months ago. But yesterday, I said : THAT HAS TO BE DONE :) . So I reconsider some codes and I tried with Window's Tapi32.DLL (TapiRequestMakeCall). But I can't dial as many char as I want.

Basically, I need something that would :

Pick Up the phone line,
dial line by line
release the line when it's done.

It sounds so simple. But right now I'm running out of ideas. I have googled for hours! Tried several thing, but can't get it done.

Any comments, suggest, question are really welcomed!!!

thx :)
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