DTA file size problem

I want to move file size from DTA to a seperate string. I managed to copy file size from DTA to AL, but I can't copy it to another string. I get 1 digit of file size from int 10h and nothing from int 21h. Why wouldn't it store it in fsize string?
[code].Model small
.Stack 100H
CurDir db '', 64 dup (0)
Dir db "C:/temp",0
file db "*.*",0
fsize db 128 dup(?)
cr db 10,13,"$"
DTA db 128 dup(?) ;buffer to store the DTA
ErrorMsg db "An Error has occurred - exiting.$"
mov ax, @data
mov ds, ax
xor ax, ax
mov ah,47h
lea si,CurDir+1
mov dl,0
int 21h

mov ah,3bh
lea dx,dir
int 21h

mov dx,OFFSET DTA ; DS:DX points to DTA
mov ah,1AH ; function 1Ah - set DTA
int 21h ; call DOS service

mov cx,3Fh ; attribute mask - all files
mov dx,OFFSET File ; DS:DX points ASCIZ filename
mov ah,4Eh ; function 4Eh - find first
int 21h ; call DOS service

jc error ; jump if carry flag is set


mov dx,OFFSET File ; DS:DX points to file name
mov ah,4Fh ; function 4fh - find next
int 21h ; call DOS service

jc exit ; exit if carry flag is set

mov cx,1 ; length of filename
mov si,OFFSET DTA+26 ; DS:SI points to filename in DTA
xor bh,bh ; video page - 0
mov ah,0Eh ; function 0Eh - write character

add al,48 ;makes an integer
cmp al,48 ;skips if it's a zero
je LoopCycle
mov di,offset fsize
stosb ;stores it in fsize
int 10h ;prints out AL
mov dx,offset fsize
mov ah,9
int 21h ;prints out fsize

mov dx,offset cr
mov ah,9
int 21h ;new line

mov di,OFFSET DTA+26 ; ES:DI points to DTA
mov cx,1 ; length of filename
xor al,al ; fill with zeros
stosb ; erase DTA

jmp LoopCycle ; continue searching

mov ah,9
lea dx,ErrorMsg
int 21h

mov ah,3bh
lea dx,CurDir
int 21h
mov ah,4ch
int 21h

End start[/code]


  • FindFirst 4e and FindNext 4f writes
    a FileInfo Structure to the current DTA.

    0000 DB 21 DUP (?) RESERVED
    0015 DB ? Attributes
    0016 DW ? Time of last write
    0018 DW ? Date of last write
    001A DD ? File size ;;;;
    001E DB 13 DUP (?) filename.ext

    Your saying you wan't to copy the file size
    from the DTA to another string, but file size
    is not a string, it is a double word containing
    a 32-bit value.

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